This is probably my favorite pickup of all time! I found this gem “NASCAR Arcade” from the year 2000 on Craigslist and quickly contacted the owner. The owner was an vintage arcade collector, he had 9 standup machines in his basement. Unfortunately for him, he could not fit the game into his man-cave. He stored the machine away in a storage unit for a couple of years and decided it was time to let it go.

I visited the owner and measured up the machine as well as took a few laps. We worked out a deal and then I recruited 3 buddies and a large dodge pickup truck. We were able transfer the machine to my home and quickly rolled it into my garage and started taking turns at Talladega, Richmond and Watkins Glen.

EA Sports and Sega placed some hidden drivers in the game – with a pattern of the stick shift you can unlock Dale Jr., Adam Petty and Richard Petty. Additionally, I’ve read that there is a hidden Sega track as well after 700 plays!
Needless to say I was shocked to find out the machine actually weighs 992lbs!

Thanks for checking out my site and enjoy the video.


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