What’s Wrong with Retro Sim Racing?

Greetings fellow Simulation Junkies,

As a somewhat newbie to the world of sim racing (5 years) its amazing to me how fast the flavor of the month changes in regards to the latest and greatest motorsport simulation experience.  Just the other day, I looked in my subscription box on YouTube and I noticed that Forza 6 is already being advertised!  My lord, Forza 5 has only been out for a little over a year (November 22, 2013) and most gamers still don’t own an Xbox One yet!  Did most of the people who purchased Forza 5 even tap into all of the content and what about the additional future DLC?


During the past 5 years, my passion for sim racing has quested me to obtain quite a large collection (check out my collection) of motorsport simulations and simcades.  Some of the titles are quite old, rare, good and just plain terrible.  Many of the titles are from the 8 bit era, PC, handheld and even the already outdated 7th generation home consoles.

I really enjoy the advanced attributes 8th generation consoles even the advanced degree you need to be ultra competitive in iracing, however some of these older titles still have some tread left in their tires.  I understand that the games evolve as the technology does, but their is something special about completing a marathon like Gran Turismo 4.

Here is a little shout out to one of my favorite YouTube channels, rynogt4.  (be warned he uses foul language at times).  He creates long play videos, mostly motorsport titles – start to finish!


Comment and let me know if you still enjoy turning left on older motorsport titles.


The Simulationjunkie


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