NASCAR 07 was created by EA Tiburon for EA Sports and was released in September of 2006.  Elliott Sadler was the feature driver on the NTSC cover, Matt Kenseth was the feature driver on the PAL cover.


Click play for gameplay footage on the original xbox.

This release of the EA Sports NASCAR titles was the last released exclusively on the sixth generation consoles (xbox, play station 2) .

Additionally, it was released on the Sony Play Station Portable titled as NASCAR.

Click play for gameplay footage on the PSP.

The game offers multiple game modes to keep things interesting such as:

The Dodge Challenges are typical beat the game situations, they are introduced by Kenny Wallace to give you that “It’s in the Game” feel!  By the way, I’m still trying to beat the Ryan Newman challenge!  Watch “TheTrevor38” get them all!

The Chase for the Cup is a 10 race season with each driver separated by 5 points in the standings.

The Fight To the Top mode is just that… start at the lowest level “Whelen modified series” and gain prestige and hero / villain status and hopefully receive offers to race in a higher series.

The game also incorporates some features from NASCAR 06 such as the Total Team Control communication features with voice control or analog control.  This feature allows you to switch to a teammates car during the race, ask for drafting help, or for a teammate to block for you.

NASCAR 07 biggest addition to the game was “real driver attributes“.  NASCAR 07 claims to have programed each drivers ability and tendencies (strength / weakness) to match specific tracks (short, road course, superspeedway).  For example Dale jr. will be a better choice at Talladega than Reed Sorenson.

NASCAR 07 and EA Tiburon added some additional fresh content such as variant paint schemes, drivers and tracks.

The xbox version runs at HDTV 480p and gives you the option to utilize a blurring effect to give the sense of speed, especially at Talladega and Daytona.

EA sports gets a lot of criticism for their NASCAR games, however EA always added new features / content to each title.  In my opinion, this was the most complete NASCAR game on the sixth generation console.  Definitely, a title you should have in your retro collection.


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