What’s Wrong with Retro Sim Racing?

Greetings fellow Simulation Junkies,

As a somewhat newbie to the world of sim racing (5 years) its amazing to me how fast the flavor of the month changes in regards to the latest and greatest motorsport simulation experience.  Just the other day, I looked in my subscription box on YouTube and I noticed that Forza 6 is already being advertised!  My lord, Forza 5 has only been out for a little over a year (November 22, 2013) and most gamers still don’t own an Xbox One yet!  Did most of the people who purchased Forza 5 even tap into all of the content and what about the additional future DLC?


During the past 5 years, my passion for sim racing has quested me to obtain quite a large collection (check out my collection) of motorsport simulations and simcades.  Some of the titles are quite old, rare, good and just plain terrible.  Many of the titles are from the 8 bit era, PC, handheld and even the already outdated 7th generation home consoles.

I really enjoy the advanced attributes 8th generation consoles even the advanced degree you need to be ultra competitive in iracing, however some of these older titles still have some tread left in their tires.  I understand that the games evolve as the technology does, but their is something special about completing a marathon like Gran Turismo 4.

Here is a little shout out to one of my favorite YouTube channels, rynogt4.  (be warned he uses foul language at times).  He creates long play videos, mostly motorsport titles – start to finish!


Comment and let me know if you still enjoy turning left on older motorsport titles.


The Simulationjunkie

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NASCAR 07 was created by EA Tiburon for EA Sports and was released in September of 2006.  Elliott Sadler was the feature driver on the NTSC cover, Matt Kenseth was the feature driver on the PAL cover.


Click play for gameplay footage on the original xbox.

This release of the EA Sports NASCAR titles was the last released exclusively on the sixth generation consoles (xbox, play station 2) .

Additionally, it was released on the Sony Play Station Portable titled as NASCAR.

Click play for gameplay footage on the PSP.

The game offers multiple game modes to keep things interesting such as:

The Dodge Challenges are typical beat the game situations, they are introduced by Kenny Wallace to give you that “It’s in the Game” feel!  By the way, I’m still trying to beat the Ryan Newman challenge!  Watch “TheTrevor38” get them all!

The Chase for the Cup is a 10 race season with each driver separated by 5 points in the standings.

The Fight To the Top mode is just that… start at the lowest level “Whelen modified series” and gain prestige and hero / villain status and hopefully receive offers to race in a higher series.

The game also incorporates some features from NASCAR 06 such as the Total Team Control communication features with voice control or analog control.  This feature allows you to switch to a teammates car during the race, ask for drafting help, or for a teammate to block for you.

NASCAR 07 biggest addition to the game was “real driver attributes“.  NASCAR 07 claims to have programed each drivers ability and tendencies (strength / weakness) to match specific tracks (short, road course, superspeedway).  For example Dale jr. will be a better choice at Talladega than Reed Sorenson.

NASCAR 07 and EA Tiburon added some additional fresh content such as variant paint schemes, drivers and tracks.

The xbox version runs at HDTV 480p and gives you the option to utilize a blurring effect to give the sense of speed, especially at Talladega and Daytona.

EA sports gets a lot of criticism for their NASCAR games, however EA always added new features / content to each title.  In my opinion, this was the most complete NASCAR game on the sixth generation console.  Definitely, a title you should have in your retro collection.

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The State of NASCAR gaming

Greetings fellow simulation junkies,

When it comes to NASCAR simulation, their seems to be a great divide.  On one side you have your hardcore PC racers who have been long time loyal fans of NR2003 and now drive the iracing web-based simulator and on the other you have the console racers (simcaders).  This divide first showed itself back in 2003 when Electronic Arts out bid Papyrus to obtain the exclusive rights to the NASCAR gaming franchise.

nr2003 boxbill elliotts disk

Prior to 2003 and the Electronic Arts takeover, Papyrus was establishing themselves as the premier racing simulation company making open-wheel and stock car PC simulation software. There were other companies in the mix as well, such as HASBRO and Konami. The executives at NASCAR knew they were riding a huge wave of popularity and wanted a software giant to bring their sport into more homes to help grow their sport to even greater heights.

ea pc game

EA sports created a number of NASCAR titles for the PC, Nintendo 64, Nintendo Gamecube, PS1, PS2, PS3, Xbox, and the XBOX 360. Additionally, they even created a few handheld titles for the Nintendo Gameboy. In my opinion, EA did exactly what NASCAR wanted them to do…bring NASCAR into every home with a console! Unfortunately, for the true simulation fan, there weren’t many options. The EA PC games were a fuzzy copy of NR2003 but sloppy and buggy. The console games were fun and progressively improved each year topping out with NASCAR 09.

From 2003 – 2009 PC fans were satisfied modding NR2003 and NASCAR Heat with some really impressive mods. Updated paint schemes, tracks, and even websites dedicated to the fans of PC NASCAR simulation. Check out http://www.nr2k3.weebly.com As the popularity of NASCAR began to fade, EA quickly redirected their focus to other sport titles such as MMA, WWE, Madden and Hockey games. PC gamers were happy once again because EA gave up on NASCAR and the former founder of Papyrus David Kaemmer created iracing.  http://www.iracing.com

nascar the game 2011nascar 14 pc

In comes Eutechnyx and pumps out 3 NASCAR titles in just under four years for the PC, PS3, PS4 and even the Wii. Although, each issue of the game had stunning visuals and some fresh additions to the console gaming experience, the titles will always be remembered for freezing, poor online game play and unfulfilled promises.

As of January 17, 2015, DMi Games has acquired the exclusive license of NASCAR gaming. The company is based out of Charlotte, North Carolina and is being lead by gaming veterans who were once involved with Papyrus, HASBRO and Electronic Arts. They posted and open letter to the NASCAR gaming fans on their website http://www.dmigames.com introducing themselves and their upcoming plans for NASCAR gaming.

Currently, their is no competition for iracing.  Iracing’s product is just what it claims to be “The world’s premier motorsports racing simulation”.  However, the same issue that caused the officials at NASCAR to search for a console software giant in 2003 is the still the same “Get NASCAR gaming into as many homes as possible”.  Iracing and PC racing are limited to techies just as it was in the 1990’s, PC’s are fading and the latest consoles are just as powerful. DMi appears to be positioned with the exclusive NASCAR license and the industry experience to give the NASCAR gaming fans just what they want; “delivering a high quality NASCAR digital game fan experience on video game consoles, PC, tablets and Smart Phones”.

I hope…Stay tuned for updates!

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43 Collection

43 4 shelf43 Big

Collecting 1:64 scale diecast cars can quickly get out of hand.  When I was considering starting a NASCAR diecast collection I wanted to focus on the history of the sport of NASCAR.  I wanted to choose a driver / number / organization that has a long history / connection to the sport.  It was easy to choose the #43!

The #43 is not only the number of “The King” Richard Petty but it has been a NASCAR staple even after “The King” retired in 1992.  The #43 has seen many body changes, manufactures and sponsors.  Every car, paint scheme tells a story and shows the evolution of the sport.

I try to obtain all my #43 cars from flea markets, garage sales and or trades.  Occasionally, I hit a dry spell and utilize eBay.  I have been very  frugal with collecting the #43’s most of the collection has been purchased for .25 cents a car.

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This is probably my favorite pickup of all time! I found this gem “NASCAR Arcade” from the year 2000 on Craigslist and quickly contacted the owner. The owner was an vintage arcade collector, he had 9 standup machines in his basement. Unfortunately for him, he could not fit the game into his man-cave. He stored the machine away in a storage unit for a couple of years and decided it was time to let it go.

I visited the owner and measured up the machine as well as took a few laps. We worked out a deal and then I recruited 3 buddies and a large dodge pickup truck. We were able transfer the machine to my home and quickly rolled it into my garage and started taking turns at Talladega, Richmond and Watkins Glen.

EA Sports and Sega placed some hidden drivers in the game – with a pattern of the stick shift you can unlock Dale Jr., Adam Petty and Richard Petty. Additionally, I’ve read that there is a hidden Sega track as well after 700 plays!
Needless to say I was shocked to find out the machine actually weighs 992lbs!

Thanks for checking out my site and enjoy the video.

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Petty Motor Sport Pick-Up

I utilized the “buy it now” feature on eBay and picked these 5 1:64 Petty Motor Sport die-casts for approximately $3.00.  Additionally, I found the Pez transporter dispenser from a Flea Market in Ft. Myers Florida for $.25!

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